18 July 2015

The Races Are Won/One



Similarity of structure between organs or parts, possibly of dissimilar function, that are related by common descent.

Science acknowledges that mankind sprouted from a particular matriarchal source. We have a common mother. For bible believers, this is evident in Noah's testimony. This blog's writer doesn't need secular citations to validate faith. This information simply compliments the debate, allowing parties to agree we are all factually family. Religious and secular racists lose.

I grew up in a homogenous subculture, heavily influenced by a Spanish population. Most kids looked like me. I remember seeing a pair of black girls attending my primary school for a short time. Sadly, they didn't last long. I never met nor spoke with them, they were in another class. After six years of private school, I entered public primary school having a wider ethnic variety. Entering secondary school in another state, I was again in a homogenous demographic. Very much unlike my upbringing. I had my first taste of racism. It wasn't so much the terms but the hate behind the words which enraged my heart.

Entering college, I made it a point to befriend black people. I grew up hearing racial epitaphs towards them. I knew in my heart this was wrong. I forced myself to not only make black friends, but all types. Gay people included. Not every interaction with anyone was perfect. But I was a hippie. My long hair, clothes and music playing was part of that time's identity. Dead was my pride in my particular ethnicity. Not because I couldn't be proud of it. I wasn't confined nor compelled to identify with any particular fold. I was making choices.

In due time, when I was born again and started life anew, I chose God's identity. He made me His son.

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