14 July 2015

We're Related?

There is a single human race (science now saying all share a common maternal ancestor, Scripture declaring all are descended from Noah and his wife), but men have been taught that people are different, even going so far to name different 'races,' dividing people into categories.

Haven't you communicated with someone of another 'race' (ethnic background) and have both understood one another? And I don't mean in terms of being able to find the bathroom, I mean sharing a smile or a laugh together. You shared a moment that transcends the perceived division between you.

This type of 'breakthrough' happens between classes of people too. When the rich man realizes the poor man is just as happy, if not more fortunate, than he is with all his wealth and all his material possessions.

This is also possible between people of various religious affiliations. But in order to experience this, one has to be humble and not judgmental. This is very hard for those of us who've had the upbringing that condemns all others while justifies the group of origin.

So, if we are truly all children of Noah and descendants of that single maternal ancestor, then when we judge, or condemn, or point at someone attempting to make them lower than us, we are in fact humiliating our relative, our brother/sister, our distant cousin, our fellow tribesman.

Truth be told, we surely are in a 'race' of sorts, but not like the world would have you believe (according to material possessions or worldly accolades).

Run the race that really matters (spiritual race) in order to win the prize of eternal life. As it is written: the first will be last and the last will be first.

All of you are free to be ahead of me if you'd like ;)

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